Monster World Rally Team looking to add another driver.
Date: Tuesday, November 09 @ 00:30:48 CST
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Monster World Rally Team has mentioned in recent blog posts via their "offical website" that they are going to be naming an additional driver to their rally team for next season. It has not been stated whether it will just be for World Rally Championship events, Rally America events, or both. The rally faithful and observant gymkanha video fans may have guessed that Chris Atkinson might be the guy they're referring to.

Chris Atkinson is a familiar name to fans of the World Rally Championship during the past few years. He began racing for the WRC in 2005 and was known as the young gun for Subaru's World Rally Team. He faired pretty well until 2009 when Subaru pulled out their manufacturer support due to the economic turmoil. That year, he had a mostly unsuccessful relationship racing in the Junior WRC with Citroen.

Those of us that have been addicted to Ken Block's driving antics via youtube, will probably remember the Ford Escort MKII that he tossed around the woods of New Hampshire at the Team O'Neil Driving school. What does this have to do with Atkinson? He also tossed some cars around with Block in that video. That's what got the gears turning in my head about this whole thing. I thought to myself, "Why is Chris Atkinson doing this with Ken Block? This can't be a coincidence."

Since then, Ken has been putting Chris to work. Atkinson has been serving the Monster World Rally Team's gravel crew and recce crew. He basically pre-drives the stages to help develop the pace notes for the WRC events.

After doing some research, I dug up that Chris Atkinson was hoping to be a part of the Monster World Rally Team for the 2010 year. Obviously that did not happen. With the official MWRT blog hinting at another driver for next year, I'd bank on seeing Atkinson behind the wheel of a drippy Ford with a big green M next year.

You'll definitely see another Focus with this livery in the WRC; but can we expect to see a second Fiesta pilated by Atkinson stateside in Rally America? I hope so.

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